Clerics are elite Acolytes. Acolytes are powerful healers, able to restore players from the brink of death and even death itself. Clerics gain the abilities to become top rate healers. The main role for Clerics in parties is to serve as a party's main healers as well as maintain some buffs. Clerics can use Hammers, Two-Hand Hammers, Staves, and Shields as well as equip Priest Apparel.

Becoming a ClericEdit

Once a Priest reaches level 30, he is given the choice to become a Cleric.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Class SpecializationClass Upgrade: Cleric?Cleric's Path

Cleric Skills
Holy Light Grenade  · Holy Hammer Crush  · Shining Finger  · Censure of the Guilty
Lay on Hands  · Blessing of Restoration  · Enduring Strength  · Armor of Hope  · True Word of Shielding  · True Word of Holy Light
Spring of Life  · Divine Barrier  · Moments of Silence  · Healing Barrier  · Vision of the End
Cleric Talents Note: Talent names Incorrect, Serving as Placeholders atm.
Earth Talents: Chained Magic Burst  · Magic Ward Specialist  · Staff Specialist
Star Talents: Abundant Energy  · Magic Assualt Specialist  · Channel Magic
Moon Talents: Staff Shielding  · Focused Casting  · Dark Magic
Sun Talents: Gate of Purgatory  · Lich's Wind  · Dark Protector
Talent Combos
Cleric Masteries
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