Necromancers are elite Spellcasters. Spellcasters are mysterious, wielding the powers of magic with control and dedication. Necromancers gain the ability to Summon the Undead and perform powerful Debuffs. Necromancers use Staves and wear Mage Apparel.

Becoming a NecromancerEdit

GFJobTree Necro

At level 29, you will recieve a Class Specialization quest to begin the class changing process. After choosing to become a Necromancer by accepting the Class Upgrade: Necromancer quest, you will need to talk to Unknown Necro in Southern Island. He will give you The Blood Ritual quest:

When you have finished the quest, return to Unknown Necro. He will give you a certificate to turn into the the Class Master to change your job to Necromancer.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Class SpecializationClass Upgrade: NecromancerThe Blood RitualNecromancer's Path